Friday, November 27, 2009

Last Pair Up Date and Nathaniel can finally HEAR!!!

The last appointment Nathaniel went to was the 3rd pair up date. They did the ABR test and his brain was responding to sound on a normal hearing level. AMEN!!! God is good!!! He has already learned 6 words and is working hard everyday to learn more and more.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nathaniel's Activation Date 10-23-2009

We went to Lexington on 10-23-09 to get Nathaniel's Cochlear Implant (paired up). As a parent you really don't know what to expect, but all in all, "Thing's went Great!" As he was hooked up with his device he was very curious. Once Sharon, his audiologist, hooked him up and started pushing sound he seem to have a few faige reactions like turning his head really slow to located where the sound was coming from. When he would hear something loud and turn to see what that sound was, I was smiling because he had turned...
On the way home, Josh and I looked around and told Nathaniel "Hi" Nathaniel hearing for the first times in his life actually lipped the word hi first. Then as we said hi once again to him, he said as clear as day, "Hi"!!!!! I cried and cried and rejoiced... This was my sign, he can hear now and understand some things. Of course the grandmothers wanted to hear these words coming out of his mouth as well so they came over and visited that evening. I couldn't get Nathaniel to tell my mom bye until she already waled out the door, Nathaniel turned and said " Bye" THANK YOU LORD!!!!!
I am sure I will have plenty more to share with you all so keep posted!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nathaniel's Cochlear Implant Surgery 9-29-2009

When we found out the date of surgery was right after his last ABR test, The Cat Scan of the Skull. Anytime you have to put them asleep it breaks your heart. This was his 2nd time being under so far... The scan turned out fine so the surgery was on as long as he was in good health.

September 29th, 2009

The staff was wonderful, Dr. Raleigh Jones at the UK Clinic preformed the surgery. Once again and hopefully the last time he will have to be put to sleep in his life. The surgery normally takes 3 hours, well from the time they took him to back to the time it was done, it was 1 hour 50 minutes. The longest 2 hours of my life... We stayed in recovery for 3 hours sitting in that chair but no pain could compare to what he must of have been feeling. There was a blood drain attached to the lower part of his ear, besides the IV in his hand, was the worst kind of pain I am sure. They took his dressing off the next morning, cut and pulled the stitch through on the drain area, and we finally got to see the scar.

It was sad and it still is to this day. As I am sitting here watch Josh fix us lunch I am creating this so other people can hear Nathaniel's story and get educated about this procedure. If anyone ever has any questions regarding deaf children and The Cochlear Implant, feel free to write, or email me and I will respond when I get a chance.

Nathaniel is still healing, his scar is still being treated everyday, his facial nerve is still weak to make his smile not the full smile we usually see. He goes back for a check up with his doctor next week so I will post an update then.

Candiate for The Cochlear Implant Surgery April 2009

It has been a long process but we are finally at the point where we have figured out that Nathaniel is not hearing as well with his hearing aids as he let on. He is very visual and when the Audiologist put him in the Listening Booth, he would fool us and turn his head at the same time as sound was produced. He knew what to look for, we had to start hiding our faces during testing because he had became very good and reading your eye gestures and lips.

The last test proved it, he had the same hearing loss at 2 years old as it was when he was 3 months old. We wanted to believe that it had changed due to his gross motor skills and following 3 step directions so easily. He is smart, very, very smart! The next step after this test is The Cochlear Implant Surgery.

Here is a link to a youtube video about the Cochlear Implant and what it does:

Nathaniel Got his Hearing Aids June 15, 2007

I took Nathaniel to get his hearing aids yesterday and it was great. Of course it is gonna be hard but my son can finally hear and enjoy some SOUND. They did their test and I have done mine of course and he is responding so well with them on. Keep me and my family in your prayers. We've still got a long way to go. Thanks

Keep on Praying! April 16, 2007

Well, we went and had the test done and they seem to think there is very little hearing ability. SO... we have to take him to UK when they call us, do the same test but sedated, and if they test is the same then we can talk about implants (that is if he is a candidate for that type of thing which can make him hear everything we can) So keep praying for him and for us.

Nathaniel Needs Prayers April 13, 2007

My son Nathaniel is 2 1/2 months old. He has failed his hearing test 12 different times - one was at an ENT doctor. He has to go to Lexington and have an "ABR" test done to see what the deal is. Please pray for my child's ability to hear. Ask all your friends and all churches to pray for my baby. It would be appreciated. Ill keep you guys updated!!!! Thanks