Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hearing Better and Better Everyday!!! September 7th, 2010

Nathaniel had his 2nd appointment since his surgery yesterday and everything is going great! He is hearing out of the Left ear at about 50%. A normal hearing percentage is 20 so he doesn't have far to go. The audiologist said that by next month he will be hearing normally out of both ears/Cochlear's. Amen!! That's what I've been waiting to here. There is a lot of hard work of course that follows "Learning to Hear" For example: We went to a football game last weekend and out of all the noise, a cricket chirped.. I told Nate to "listen" and when he did, we found the cricket. It is just amazing to me that he is finally starting to notice the wind blowing, water running, cell phones ringing.... just so many little things that we take for granted daily. Thank you Lord and Thank everyone for all their support and prayers.