Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nate 3rd Year in Preschool with Ms. Gates

Nathaniel has made it to his 3rd year of Preschool this year at Hopkin's Elementary. He has a wonderful teacher we are so thankful for. God keeps blessing our family with teacher's and doctor's that get involved and really want to see him progress. Just today I spoke with his teacher and her first words was, "We have a little genius on our hands".... Awesome words to hear from your son's teacher. She also told me that when she asks the classroom to find a certain color, not only will Nathaniel identify that color but he will go around the entire room and bring her 10 things that are the color they are discussing.
Without all of the help from specialist Nate has seen in his life that accept him, love him, help him, and respect the challenges life has thrown his way, I'm not sure if I would of made it through but WE HAVE AND WE ARE STILL DOING IT!!! To see the smile this kid has on his face every morning, ready to hug, laugh, learn, and play, it makes all that hard work worth while. He Loves Life!!! He is a true blessing to have around, he has changed my attitude and outlook on life, learning, and loving in everything I do, everyway possible for a human to do. As always, Thank You Lord!!!